Music & Drama

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Music in Our School

Music plays a big part of life in Our Lady’s Abbey and we are very proud of our musical tradition.  The teaching of music comprises three strands: listening & responding, performing and composing.  

All classes from 1st to 6th are taught to play the tinwhistle and are very accomplished players by the time they leave the school.  

We have a wonderful school choir and we perform at many events such as the First Holy Communion, Confirmation, choir competitions, carol singing, the Live Crib, school celebrations and concerts and parish events.

Drama in Our School

Drama has always occupied a special place in our school and we have been fortunate in winning many awards.  We are lucky to have our own school hall and stage, where we have regular concerts.  

We have produced many shows that would rival West End productions including “The Snow Queen”, “Scheherazade—Tales of the Arabian Nights”, “The Jazz Nativity”, “Scrooge”, “Panto Pandemonium” and many more.  

Drama is also integrated into subjects such as English, SESE and Irish by making up scripts, performing poems, becoming a character in a story, making a still image of a part of a book…….the list is endless and so much fun!!


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