Literacy Lift-Off

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Literacy Lift Off is an intervention that gives children lots of opportunities to read books at their own level of competency and gradually lift the complexity of what they can do in both reading and writing.

In Our Lady's Abbey, we strive to develop a life-long love of reading in all our pupils. The gift of reading allows children to experience a whole world of excitement and opportunity.

Our Literacy Lift Off programme is implemented in all classes from Senior Infants to Third Class. The children read books from all six genres – Narrative, Recount, Report, Procedural, Explanation, Persuasive. The school has invested in high quality fiction and non-fiction books to supplement the delivery of this programme.

During the Literacy Lift Off session, children will participate in a variety of teaching stations including:

  • Oral Language Station
  • Phonological Awareness/Word Study Station
  • New Book Station
  • Familiar Book Station
  • ICT/Writing Station


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