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School Sport

Our Lady's Abbey is very proud to be an Active School and we have received four Active School Flags in recognition of this. We have a very busy Active Schools Committee, who are constantly thinking of ways to keep us active and provide opportunities to get us moving!! They also work closely with our Health Promoting Committee to organise events to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Check out our Twitter feed on our home page to see up to date videos and photos of physical activity and PE at Our Lady's Abbey.


The full physical education curriculum is taught at Our Lady's Abbey. The six strands of the curriculum include Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor & Adventure Activities and Aquatics. Presently, the school is focusing on the area of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), which complements the principles of the curriculum, while aiming to develop physical literacy in the children.

All children take part in at least 1 hour of PE every week but discretionary time is also allocated to physical activity. Classes can also earn more P.E. time through our "Active Treats instead of Sweets" reward system and they get to choose the P.E. reward that they are working towards.

Physical Activity

We believe that children should be encouraged to stay as active as possible including at break times. However, staying active has to be fun so the children are encouraged to play Junior and Senior Yard leagues at break time.

Leagues have included Netball, Table-tennis, Steet Handball, Tag Rugby, Rounders and Foam Polo to name a few. We also have different "Yard Zones" where we play Golf, agility training, parachute games, penalty shoot outs and much more on our break times. Our older girls are "Play Leaders" and they take responsibility for monitoring equipment, scoreboards, setting up equipment and helping the younger girls to learn how to play the new games on the different "Yard Zones". Lining up at the end of break time is another time that we try to fit in a little activity. Our Active Schools Committee lead us in various exercises while we line up to help reach our 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week (ASW) is one of the highlights of the year at the Abbey. Our Active Schools Committees have been organising ASW in the school since 2005. Every year, a timetable of the week is given to all students and families detailing what is in store for the week. There are firm favourites every year but we like to try out new activities regularly including as Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Zumba, Latin Dance and much more.

Our ASW always ends with a huge whole school Sports Day. Every child in the school takes part in teams which include children from Juniors to 6th. There is great excitement every year as the children take part in Co-operative games, water games and traditional favourites such as the sack race and running races. Our Twitter feed is bursting at this time every year with photos and videos of the week.


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