Hanging out in our tunnel!

Playing with our toys!

Colouring together!

We are working hard at eating fruit and vegetables together!
Junior Infant News

Welcome to the Junior Infant page at Our Lady's Abbey. Junior Infants are always busy bees working hard at lots of new things.

We have just started school and are already walking in to our classroom by ourselves. Our teacher, Ms. Feehan, is very proud of us. We were so lucky to be able to go on a nature walk with Senior Infants where we saw lots of signs of Autumn. We have started our sounds and can sound out some words already! One of our favourite subjects is Irish and we love to sing too.

There is always lots to do in Junior Infants and it really is so much fun! Come and visit us again soon!

We love hula hoops and skipping!

Reading at the library!

Another puzzle solved!

Playing dress up!

Playing with our octons!

Catching up on a bit of reading!

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