Picking the vegetables from the School Garden!

We love playing together!

Catching up on a spot of reading!

Searching through the goo on Halloween Fun Day!

Dressing a scary mummy!!
Junior Infant News

Welcome to the Junior Infants page!

We are so excited about school,even though we have only just started! We have learned so much already!

We are learning about sounds, numbers and all about the wonderful world we live in. We love books and stories and we will be taking our book packs home for the first time very soon.

Playing with everyone is so much fun both in the classroom and on the yard. We love the giant lego blocks and can build things taller than we are. We visited the computer room for the first time in September. It was so enjoyable and we love going back there every week.

In our classroom, we are always busy bees, so it is not surprising that when two o' clock and home time come around, we are tired out!!

A nice cup of tea to start the day!

Look at our beautiful Autumn art!

We had great fun together at the Halloween Hooley!

Delving through the scary eyeballs!!

We love dressing up in Junior Infants!

Having fun in with our dress up clothes!

Look at our fabulous colouring!

Dressing the mummy at Halloween!
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