Drama in Our School

Drama has always occupied a special place in our school and we have been fortunate in winning many awards. We are lucky to have our own school hall and stage where we have regular school concerts.

As well as performing in dramas, we regularly enjoy trips to pantomimes, concerts and other performances during the year.

Check out pictures of our latest productions "The Pied Piper of Hamelin". Videos of all our productions can be seen on our Videos page. Enjoy!!

1st Class Birds

2nd Class Village People

2nd Class Village People

3rd Class Rats

3rd Class Rats, Papa Cheese, Mama Cheese & Billy Cheese

4th Class Children

5th Class Children

6th Class Townspeople & Children

Deputy Mayor, Mayor, Mr. Brumhandel, Peter & The Pied Piper

Junior Infant Flowers

Junior Infant Suns

Junior Infant Clouds

Senior Infant Birds

Senior Infant Birds

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