Art in Our School

We love art in our school. We take pride in filling our big display boards with wonderful art. Every week, every class has a cool art lesson.

These lessons include painting, drawing, clay, using fabric and fibre, constructing new models, print making and even art on the computers.

Tutankhamun Masks!

Marc Chagall Day Dreaming by Senior Infants

Van Gogh Sunflowers by 1st & 2nd

Mr. Potato was made in Art using entirely recyclable materials!

Chinese Willow Pattern Plates

Frank Stella - Looking and Responding

Projects on Feasts and Festivals

Our School Art Exhibition

Our Framed Pictures

Painting the set for the Christmas Play

Counties of Ireland
Beautiful Butterflies

Aboriginal Dreamtime Paintings

Centra Art Competition Winners

Disappearing Names

Swimming Together

We painted beautiful flowers on our Window Painting Day!

Henri Matisse - Fauvism by 5th & 6th

Art using ICT

Noah's Ark Paper Weaving

A Pupil Peacock!!

Van Gogh Starry Night

Diamond Dilemma

Projects on Feasts and Festivals

Famous Artist Jack Donovan opens our Art Exhibition

Credit Union Art Winners

An tEarrach - Spring

Active Schools Presentation

Native American Totem Pole

Titanic Display

A warm welcome to class!

Our colourful God's Eyes!

Andy Warhol Pop Art by 3rd & 4th

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Cover by 3rd & 4th

Picasso by Junior Infants 

We decorate our Christmas Tree with wonderful decorations we make ourselves!


Our Exercise Boards

Our Exercise Boards

Painting the set for the Christmas Play

Under the Sea

Student Sunflowers

Beautiful Butterflies

Sparkling Butterflies

Expressionism - The Scream

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