As part of our Green Flag entry this year we had a Water Awareness Day. The whole school put on their wellies and raincoats and took a relaxing stroll along the banks of the River Maigue. We were reminded about where our water comes from and how lucky we are that our school is within walking distance of all the wonderful sights of Adare. The day was a little cold so we were rewarded for our efforts when we returned to school with a steaming cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Delicious!!!

Our older girls taking care of our younger girls!!

The leaders of the walk!!
6th class and Junior Infants walking together!!

6th class and Junior Infants walking together!

Learning about the River Walk along the way!

Checking out all the birds and plants along the way!

Having a great day!

Great friends together!

Picking up the pace!

A well deserved hot chocolate!!

Relaxing after a long walk!!

Relaxing after a long walk!

Thumbs up to a great day!

Thumbs up to a great day!

What a great day!!

What a great day!!
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