We are very interested in all plants and animals. We love to learn about classifying different living things and the different characteristics of all creatures great and small. We recently went to the local park on hunting for minibeasts. We were armed with our pooters, bug viewers, magnifying glasses and clipboards and we found all kinds of wonderful minibeasts to study!

Getting reading to go!

Searching for minibeasts!
Fun in the park!!

Keeping a tally of what we've found!

Pooters and clipboards ready!

Taking a quick break!

Discussing what we've found!

Having a great time!!

Happy poses!

A productive day!!

Using our pooters!

Everyone hard at work!

Investigating our minibeasts!

Beating the bushes to find some bugs!

Transferring our bugs to the pooter!

Searching the bushes for bugs!

Will we lift this rock to check for bugs??

Sucking up a spider!

Lots of smiles!

Hard at work with the pooters!

Pooters, magnifying glasses and clipboards ready!

Using the magnifying glass to investigate!
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