Every year, we have a Halloween Fun Day to raise funds for charity. Everyone, including the teachers, dress up in their scariest costumes. We have fantastic fun including a Witches Balls, Monster Quizzes and Witches Waddles. We also play Halloween games including wrapping the mummy and pin the stalk on the pumpkin. We have raised thousands of euro while having fun!

Rang 3 on our Halloween Fun Day

4th class in their fab costumes!

Scary Senior Infants!!

Junior Infants all dressed up and ready to scare!!
Mary Davis and the Ace of Hearts - Impressive!!

Our School Crayons!

Junior Infants dressing the mummy!

Searching through the eyeballs!!

Who'd have thought they would see a fork and a dead Barbie dancing together???

A homemade Rubiks Cube and a friendly butcher!!

Pumpkins are heavy - Our homegrown pumpkins were a spot prize!!

Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man!

A crowd of Dead School Girls arrived on the day!

A mummy and her big baby!!

Wonderful costumes!

First class costumes!!
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