5th Class News

Welcome the the 5th Class webpage. 

Bail ó Dhia ar an obair. Time is flying in 5th class as we are so busy learning and having fun together!

We've been decorating our classroom with weaving, colour wheel, our ccreative writing and much more. The class is looking lovely and colourful now!

We love swimming in U.L. and being active at break times. We are working hard at being Play Leaders and competing in our Yard leagues. We are playing prison break, rounders and basketball at the moment.We love ICT and being a Digital School. We are so lucky to have so many laptops and iPads to work on!

We are reading super books together using our comprehension strategies. We also love self assessing and building our assessment portfolios using SALF.

There isn't enough room to chat about all the fabulous things we do but we are creating great memories together every day!

Go néirí an tádh libh!!

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