Junior Infant News

Beannachtaí ó Rang 4!!

We are having a great time in 4th class and are busy every day! We are decorating our class with lots of different art including Andy Warhol prints, magazine collage and stone painting.

We do ICT on our laptops almost every day and have learned how to design using Microsoft Publisher. We love using the Internet for designing and researching.

Yard Leagues are in full swing and we have a great time with the younger girls teaching them Hopscotch, Skipping, Uni-Hoc, Parachute and Elastics. We are also competing in Street Handball games, which we love!

Station Teaching is a favourite of ours especially playing Bingo, loop games, response boards, target boards and much more! We have also agreed our Drama Contract and so are having great fun performing and playing Drama games in class.

Wading through the local stream with Geoff Hunt is always a highlight and we were lucky to find the first Perch fish this year!! Swimming in UL is always great and we work hard every week towards our PAWS certificates. We take our buddies in Seniors and 1st to the library every week to show them how to check out books and to recommend good books!

We are so busy in 4th class but are enjoying every minute of it!! Thanks for reading all our news!!


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