Feeding our fish

3rd Class News
Welcome to the 3rd class page. We have lots of news to share with you. This year, we are hard at work learning lots of new things. We also have a class pet fish. His name is Nemo and we clean and feed him every morning. Everyone gets a chance. We have fish in our pond too in our school garden. Everyone gets a chance to sit and read on our beanbags in our reading corner.

We have been having lots of fun flying our kites on the yard at the moment. We have also been playing with our frisbees and pogo sticks, swingball and even swing football. We are still doing Badminton after school and having great fun practising our skills with balloons!!

In Art we made Indian Dreamcatchers and we did Starry Night with pastels just like Van Gogh. We also watched the girls from 5th and 6th on the RTE show Quizone which they won. We were really proud of them.

In English, we are reading a new novel called Under the Hawthorn Tree. It is all about the famine and is sad in some parts. We wrote Haikus about it. They are small Japanese poems.

We have been busy practising in the choir with Mrs Egan-Ward and Ms Feehan who are teaching us some lovely songs. We are beginning to sound really good!

By: Sorcha and Julianne

Sporty and creative
bedient and intelligent
eally smart and reliable
ool and caring
Happy and gentle
ctive, amazing and wonderful


oyful and caring
nderstanding and fun
oyal and quick
nteresting and sporty
Artistic and kind
eat and clever
ice and trustworthy
ntertaining and adventurous

Meeting Santa at our Christmas Party

Painting the set for our Christmas Play

Starry Night by Van Gogh

Brave Rock Climbers

Playing marbles at break time

Relaxing during Pilates

Mr. Potato Head - Our Scarecrow made entirely from recyclable materials!!

Printing our names the old fashioned way!

Hanging out with our County Final Scarecrow

Voting in the Big Ballot

A full working Hovercraft in Science

Getting pampered after working hard in the first term!

Painting the props for the Christmas Play

Our Writers Workshop with children's author Liam Farrell

Playing Dodgeball

Indoor Soccer Stars

Training with Limerick Hurler Brian Begley



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