We are learning lots of new songs on the tinwhistle again this year!

2nd Class News

Hi from all the girls in Second Class at Our Lady's Abbey. This year our class is preparing for our First Confession and First Holy Communion which will take place on the 15th of May. We are always very busy at school. We love soccer and art.

We enjoy working in our garden. We recently harvested onions which we were allowed to bring home. It was great fun. We love playing the tinwhistle. We are learning how to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" at the moment.

  We love playing in the yard. We love playing with the hula hoops and the hockey box also.

Thanks for reading all our news!!!

Look at all the crops we gathered from the School Garden!

We know lots of great tunes on the tinwhistle.

Look at our fabulous costumes!

Learning about different instruments at the traditional music workshop!

We painted fabulous pictures on Window Painting Day!

Playing together with our teddies!

Sorting through all the vegetables we planted in the School Garden!

We love using our classroom computer!

Having fun together!

Santa visited us at Christmas!

Learning all about Irish music!

We love reading books from our class library!

Playing Hockey Box at break time!

We have a beautiful School Garden where we plant lots of wonderful things.

Dressing up together for Halloween!

Look at the fantastic things we cooked today in school!!

We had so much fun cooking in school!
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