We made beautiful pastel pictures!

Using our blocks for Maths!

Scary outfits at Halloween!

2nd Class News

Hi from all the girls in 2nd Class!!

We are having lots of fun this year in 2nd class. We love to read and have a lovely Reading Corner. We also visit the Adare library so we are spoiled for choice! We love music and singing songs. We made tambourines in Art and we play them as we sing!

We are looking forward to our First Holy Communion this year and hope it will be a very special time for us.

We visited the school garden recently and we saw all the wonderful vegetables and fruit that have grown since we planted them last year. The sunflowers grew so tall and look beautiful!!

Thanks for reading all our news!!

Building skyscrapers with our giant bricks!

Our Halloween Hooley was a great day!

Playing with the hula hoops on the yard!

Check out our fabulous pictures!

Check out our amazing Halloween costumes!

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