Senior Infant News

Hi from all the girls in 1st Clas

We love playing the tinwhistle. We are learning Hot Cross Buns at the moment. We love playing in the yard. We love skipping and playing games with the parachute also. Our favourite is where we learn to play traditional games like hopscotch and elastics. We also love playing Snakes and Ladders.

We walked as many kilometres as possible during European Sports Week. Our class walked to Luxembourg which was 1,168km and to Prague which was 1,882km!

Some of us are doing football and Speech & Drama after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We love staying in school until 4.10pm!

Geoff Hunt came to our school recently and we went over to the Adare Park with our nets and containers and we found very interesting things such as a freshwater shrimp, a leech, a pond skater and a caddisfly. We had a great time! Slán


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